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Clear A4 Pvc Zipper Documents Bag
item no.:dob085 name:clear a4 pvc zipper documents bag size:233*124mm color:clear material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:23g cbm:0.86m3
Color Pp Multi-function Zipper File Mesh Bag
item no.:dob081 name:color pp multi-function zipper file mesh bag size:255*354mm material:polypropylene spec: weight:46g cbm:0.129m3
Color A4 Pvc Zipper File Mesh Bag
item no.:dob080 name:color a4 pvc zipper file mesh bag size:335*245mm color:color material:pvc spec:a4 weight: cbm:0.097m
Standard Color A4 Pp File Case With Closure
item no.:dbb077 name:standard color a4 pp file case with closure size:318*238*58mm material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:241g cbm:0.310m3
Royal Black A4 Pp Display Book (40page)
item no.:dbb072 name:royal black a4 pp display book (40page) size:310*238*24mm color:black material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:284g cbm:0.140m3
Unique Holes Design Color A4 Pp Display Book(20pag
item no.:dbb070 name:unique holes design color a4 pp display book(20page) size:240*310*22 material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:193g cbm:0.148m3
Convenient Color A4 Pp Display Book (20pages)
item no.:dbb061 name:convenient color a4 pp display book (20pages) size:310*236*14mm material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:179g cbm:0.108m3
Clear A4 Pp Slide Grip Report Cover Folder
item no.:cff031 name:clear a4 pp slide grip report cover folder size:310*220*8mm yellow.white material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:43g cbm:0.178m3
Unique Holes Design Color A4 Pp Clip File Folder
item no.:cff025 name:unique holes design color a4 pp clip file folder size:240*310*27mm material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight:125g cbm:0.162m3
Color Pp A4 Elite Lever Clip File Folder
item no.:cff023 name:color pp a4 elite lever clip file folder size:314*243*22mm material:polypropylene spec:a4 weight: cbm:0.094m3
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