Special Building Materials Construction & Decoration

Wedge Wire Petroleum Filter Screen Pipe
wedge wire petroleum filter screen pipe xinxiang lida filters co.,ltd are specialist manufacturers about screens and filters .they are widely used for water, oil and gas wells in the world. as china chief manufacturer and exporter, we export good quality water well screen to many count...
  Pe Foam Sheet (pe Joint Filler)
pe foam sheet from china and all kinds of mats ( including sports mat).
Acrylic Sheet
acrylic sheet including clear and other color, size: 1220x1820, 1250x1850, 1220x2420...., the thickness can be as customer's requesitng.
Aluminium Honeycomb Core
unetop supplies high quality aluminium honeycomb core, which is made of a3003 and a5052 aluminium alloy foil. it is broadly used in high speed train coaches, cleanroom walls, building's curtain walls, marine interiors, and other lightweight & sandwich structures.
Nomex Honeycomb Core
our high quality nomex honeycomb core is made of imported aramid fiber paper which provides very excellent performance. it is widely used in aircraft, uav, radomes, high speed train cars, yachts, musical appliance, racing car, rowing boats, sports appliance, etc.
Paper Honeycomb Core
unetop supplies paper honeycomb core with standard hexagonal cells which provides very excellent performance. our paper honeycomb can be used as stuffing in doors, furniture, partitions, and other sandwich structural panels, etc.
Ssic Burner Nozzles
rbsic (sisic) burner nozzles are used for tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, roller hearth kiln as the flame tubes. the burner nozzles are also used for heating on either direct or indirect furnace systems.
Special Grout-used Raw Materials And Additives
special grout-used raw materials and additives on the preparation of equipment foundation grout huaqian grouting agent a(hqga-a) advantages: slight expansion. fluidity. low application temperature. improve cement grout's early strength and final strength. uses: on the preparation of cement-based hig...
Coating Repair Polymer Emulsion
huaqian coating repair polymer emulsion advantages: permeable. hardened maintaining the original colors. ph=8.5. minimum film-formation temp:<0℃. penetration depth:3~8mm. recommended usage amount:0.2~0.6kg/m2. uses: repairing:consolidating, hardening and repairing of dusting of concrete floor. prot...
Rapid Hardened Epoxy Grout
rapid grouting and fixing of high vibration equipment foundation huaqian rapid hardened epoxy grout(hqrm-e) advantages: insulated. anti-static. high bond strength. excellent toughness. following data is tested in the condition of preheating, forming and curing at 23±2℃ and the relative humidity is...
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