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Supplying The Kiwi Seedlings
several kinds of grafted kiwifruit seedlings. supplying time: octorber-april next year. variety: heyward, yate, qin mei, red sun, golden sun.
Apricot Kernel Extract
detailed product description 1. product name: apricot kernel extract 2. active ingredient: amygdalin other name: laetrile ; vitamine b17 3. botanical source: prunus armeniaca l. 4. biogenic origin: wild in central and southern china 5. cas no.: 29883-15-6 6. specification: 98% amygdalin 7. molec...
Supply Herbaceous Peony  Pink
name:zhong sheng fen features: crown form,flowers 13x12cm,big and round flower head,upright,60cm high plant/2 years old.
Supply Herbaceous Peony
name:yang fei chu yu features: rose form,flowers 13x6 cm,hard stalk, upright,flowering midseason,70cm high plant/2 years old.
Herbaceous Peony  Yellow
name:huang jin lun features: crown form,flowers 14x8cm,flowering midseason, rare variety,70cm high plant/2 years old.
Tree Peony
name: hu hong 胡红 color: red branch:1; 2-3
Tree Peony
name:jin ge 金阁 color:yellow branch:1,2 crown form,flowers lean a little,flowering late,opem plant type
Tree Peony
name:yin hong qiao dui 银红巧对 color:pink branch:1;2-3 crown form, flowers 15x8cm,flowering toward one side and late season,open plant type,20cm high plant/3years old.
Tree Peony
name:rou fu rong 肉芙蓉 color:red branch:1;2-3 chrysanthemum shaped,flowers 17x5cm,flower upright,flowering midseason,open flower, 40cm / 3year old
Tree Peony
name:hong xia 红霞 color:red branch:1;2-3
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