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Second Hand Tested Intel Cpu Pd P4
intel cpu intel celeron cpu,intel pentium cpu, intelcore2 duo cpu,intel core duad cpu. amd athlon cpu,amd sempron cpu we also offer the following models: celeron cpu 1 celeron d326 (2.53ghz,256kb,533mhz,775pin,90nm) 2 celeron d331 (2.66ghz,256kb,533mhz,775pin,90nm) 3 celeron d336 (2.80...
Parking Management System
how does it work? a detector is installed above every space and by means of ultrasonic wave detects the presence of a vehicle. the detector will transform these information into digital signal and send it to the centre processor via the communication network. centre processor process these digit...
cisco: glc-sx-mm glc-lh-sm glc-t glc-zx-sm= sfp-10gb-er sfp-ge-t= sfp-10g-lrm sfp-ge-l= x2-10gb-zr= x2-10gb-lrm x2-10gb-lx4 x2-10gb-sr x2-10gb-lr= x2-10gb-er= xenpak-10gb-lx4 xenpak-10gb-sr xenpak-10gb-lr xenpak-10gb-er xenpak-10gb-z...
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