Carbohydrate Organic Chemicals Chemicals

Oxandrolone (anavar)
oxandrolone (anavar) name: china oxandrolone(protivar) white crystalline powder trade name: anavar(protivar) oxandrolone content: 99% mf: c19h30o3 mw: 306.44 cas: 53-39-4 einecs: 200-172-9 content: 98% oxandrolone package: 1kg/aluminum foil bag appearance: almost white crystalline powder of oxan...
Butyl Acrylate
butyl acrylate 99.80% cas no : 141-32-2 ec no : 205-480-7 mf : c7h12o2 main specifications :
Nandrolone Decanoate (deca)
nandrolone decanoate (deca) name: china nandrolone decanoate white powder trade name: durabolin assay: 99% nandrolone decanoate mf: c28h44o3 mw: 428.65 cas: 360-70-3 einecs: 206-639-3 package: as your required for nandrolone decanoate powder quality standards: usp31 description: white crystalli...
Skype Janemengdit  5f-akb48
sell 5f-akb48 mam-2201 a-pvp sell m ethylone jwh-250 am-2233 am-1220 jwh-081 oxycodone jwh-210 jwh-073 ethylone a-pvp pv8 5apb 6apb mppp 4-fma 5f-ur144 nm-2201 thj-2201 5famb 5fadbica fdu-pb22 fub-pb22 pb-22
Cosmetic Ingredient Pullulan
because of the good water solubility, dispersion, film-forming, hygroscopic and non-toxic, pullulan can be used as viscous filler in the cosmetic. it is much cheaper than the hyaluronic acid.
Food Additive Pullulan
enhancement of water retention pullulan inhibits the release of water and helps maintain the texture of egg products. thickening agent pullulan is useful as a thickening agent in salad dressings and sauces binding agent for sugar coatings pullulan is an excellent multipurp...
Pentaerythritol 98% & 95%
product pentaerythritol 98% & 95% cas no. 115-77-5 molecular formula: c5h12o4 apperance white solid specifications identifiers cas number 115-77-5 properties molecular formula c5h12o4 molar mass 136.15 appearance white solid melting point 260.5 ° c boiling point 276 ° c at...
Sodium Sulfide
specifications:98% product remarks:industry grade molecular formula:na2s.9h2o cas: 1313-84-4 appearance:colorless crystal powder sodium sulfide properties: the method solution in the air will slowly oxidized to glucosinolate and sodium, sodium sulfite, or sodium and more show. because of glucosinola...
Stpp-sodium Tripolyphosphate(cas: 7758-29-4)
英文名:sodium tyipolyphosphate 分子式;na5p3010 规格:符合gb9983-2004 product description: item standard na5p3o10%>= 94.0 p2o5%>= 57.0 water insoluble%<= 0.1 fe%<= 0.015 whiteness%>= 85 ph(1%aqueous solution) 9.2-10.0 as%<= 0.00013 heavy metals(pb)%<...
Iron Oxide1309-37-1
iron oxide iupac name iron oxide molecular formula fe2o3\ fe3o4 cas no fe2o3 : 1309-37-1 fe3o4 12227-89-3 appearance red/brown/black/yellow/blue powder item iron oxide red iron oxide red 190 iron oxide brown 610 iron oxide black 780 iron oxide yellow 313 iron oxide blue ...
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