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Noodle Cutting Machine/ Noodles Maker
— brief mt50 and mt75 noodle cutting machine is designed on the basis of yearly experience ,adopting the advantages of the like machines .it is improved in many aspects such as materials , noise and the health .the parts touching the flour is made of stainless steel and other parts are also ...
Automatic Noodle Making Machine 0086-13939083462
automatic noodle making machine the main features and function: 1. lose nosy, and long life 2. easy to operate 3. automatic transfer, forming in one time, cutting and hanging by itself. 4. safe operate and healthy.
Glutinous Sorghums
product name: sorghum imperfect rate:≥1(%) impurity: ≤1(%) moisture:≤15(%) sorghum has pesticide effect. it has the function of invigorating and militating the stomach and preventing diarrhea. sorghum contains tannic acid which is effective for astringency and arresting d...
Buckwheat Flour
specification: 80 mesh 90 mesh 100 mesh
Buckwheat Shell
buckwheat shell (black) shell rate:80% min
Raw Buckwheat In Husk
product name: buckwheat imperfect rate≥:3(%) impurity≤: 1(%) moisture≤: 13(%)
Green Buckwheat Kernels
imperfect≥3(%) admixture≤:1(%) moisture≤:13(%)
Roasted Buckwheat Kernels
we are factory specialized in buckwheat grain,beans from inner mongolia of china. we mainly supply roasted buckwheat kernels,hulled buckwheat kernels,buckwheat flour,buckwheat in husk. the specification of roasted buckwheat as follows: moisture:14% admixture:0.5% broken:2% packin...
Fish Meal
with fresh raw material and advanced processing technology, this product is made from high quality sea fish through the processes of steaming, pressing, drying, and granulation. all the quality indexes of the product have reached or even exceeded the national standards for super fine fish meal. th...
Fish Feed
its ingredient-fish meal, cereal, soybean meal, oil, lysine, methionine, choline chloride, vitamins, minerals. it can promote health and growth, enhance nutrition and is free from any rot odour. it is very popular in nigeria, especially feed size from 2mm to 6mm with protein content from 40%-50%, ...
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