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elevator specification floors/stops/doors: to order product name: vvvf(32bit)microcomputer control passenger elevator speed: 2.5m/s nominated lifting weight: 800kg/1000kg/1350kg driving method: vvvf control way: computer central control shaft size: wide*deep(to order) shaft height: well depth + lift...
Elevator Traction Machine (wtd1-630-175)
wtd1-630-175 elevator traction machine motor is small size, light weight; simple structure, safe and reliable; it is the gearless permanent synchronous motor with hgh efficiency, low noise, low vibration; this kind of the traction elevator machine motor could meet with the requirement of frequent st...
Elevator Traction Machine (wtd1 Series And Wtd 2 S
wtd1 home elevator traction machine series rated voltage: 220v brake voltage: ac110v weight: 135kg max. load: 1500kg elevator speed: 0.4m/s-0.5m/s sheave diameter: Φ 200mm roping: 2: 1 capacity: 250-400kg inertia: 0.43kg@m^2 recommend life height: as 40 times as rated elevator speed.
Wtdb-320-100 Elevator Traction Machine
the wtdb 320-100 elevator traction motor is the wide flat structure, application for roomless, small traction sheave design, smallest size, block brake, low noise, convenient maintenance, seal bearing, cost- effective
Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevator
kyc020 finished by wooden; leather and mirror stainless steel
Panotamic Elevator
Slim Line Escalator
this is out door escalator, the truss are hot dip galaznic finished, and 6750 person per hour
Otis Nce Step, Kone Step, Thyssenkrupp Step, Cnim
otis nce step, 506, 510, 606 610, 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm with, without yellow demarcation, kone step, eco, rtv, 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm with, without yellow demarcation, thyssenkrupp step, 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm with, without yellow demarcation, cnim step, euro type, 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm with, wit...
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