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Titanium Tactical Pen,titanium Self-defense Pen,ti titanium tactical pen specifications: overall length:145mm weight:about50g material:titanium finish:hard coat anodized/polishing additional features:presentation box features of titanium tactical pen: stylish writing instrument that doubles as a self-defense to...
Advertising Gifts - High-end Fine Metal Pen
size: 13.5cm * diameter 8mm weight: 26g material: copper silver pen body is fine and generous qualities of the metal
Fine Diamond Pen / Gift Pen / Diamond Pen
Color Color Cute Cartoon Automatic Pen
cartoon color cute 10-color automatic pen brand: other brand color categories: blue black shell pink shell to write shell thickness: 0.7mm refill color: other colors are erasable: no
Cartoon Family, The Blue Ball-point Pen Refill 0.5
brand: other brand: other color category: random colors and patterns written delivery thickness: 0.5mm refill color: blue is erasable: no item: xcr07
Stationery Cartoon Mickey Pooh Variety Of Hues Pen
stationery cartoon mickey pooh variety of hues pen brand: other brand: other brands writing thickness: other refill color: other colors are erasable: no popular best-selling pen: cartoon retractable pen
Pen Office Pen Steel Pen Turning Pens Metal Pens
writing thickness: 0.5mm refill color: black blue can rub: no
Telescopic Ball Pen
teacher's day gifts stainless steel telescopic pointer pen / 7 telescopic ball pen a total of 7 section telescopic retractable ballpoint pen, pen holder: 12.2cm before long elongation after long 60cm, material: stainless steel and copper
Selling High-grade Black Metal Pen
selling high-grade black metal pen stylus black core can be printed logo other brand color category: black silver pen writing pen thickness: 0.5mm refill color: black
Diamond Pen / Diamond Metal Pen / Pen
writing thickness: 0.7mm refill color: black blue can rub: no item no.: by-c053 quantity: 1 piece
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