Spraying Machinery & Spreading Equipment Machinery

Micro Flame Generator-105t
micro flame generator, also named oxyhydrogen flame polisher and polishing machine, is a portable gas generator producing mixed oxygen and hydrogen gases cheaply from distilled water.the mixes gases can not only give an extremely hot flame with temperature up to 2800 degree centigrade from pen siz...
Cks-6l Cool Paint Sparying Machine
technical parameter 1. power: 5.5hp gasoline engine 2. work pressure: 10-18mpa 3. flow of spray: 6l/min 4. width of spray: 100-300mm(single gun) 5. thickness of spray: 0.2-0.4mm 6. volume: 1400*850*1050mm 7. net weight:140kg
Mechanical Single Cylinder Fusing Kettle
ck 300 mechanical single-cylinder hot melt kettle ck 300 type ck 600 mechanical double hot melt kettle derivatives, the device has a light weight, small size, easy transportation , cheap and so on. apply to parking, community property, factories and enterprises, terminals and other small works. ...
Truck Mounted Cold Road Marking Machine
this machine is the high-pressure and equal flow, airless spray engine. it utilizes gasoline engine to drive plunger pump to force dope form high pressure. the sprayed index marks are common in thickness and angles. the lines are clear. because of the direction bar in the spraying gun, the line can ...
Dry & Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine For Tunnel
the pzs5 has the dvanced concrete spraying technique, developed from our pz series dry-mix shotcrete and incorporated the advantages of wet-mix shotcrete. today, it is a universal concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet or dry mix. technical data: output 5 m3/h(wet material) ...
Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine
the pz-5 shotcrete machine can be used for dry mix and damp mix shotcrete. it is dependable, easy to maintain, robust, and is long lasting. --------the basic version is electric motor, and optional version is air motor or diesel engine. technical data: item pz-5 output capacity: 5 cubic...
Ssce1340manual Controlled Blast Machine
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Portable Dustfree Blast Machine
product characteristic it is a portable, easily handled and highly efficient vacuum blasting machine for dustfree blasting without any moving parts. the unit is well suited for spot cleaning, removing weld spatter, and deburring cut metal edges. special attachments let you blast inside and ou...
Vacuum Recovery Machine
ssce super vacuum recovery machine met the high demands from the industry due to its efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and few maintenance. it is a recovery machine for abrasives. also it can recvoery dust, powder, sand and other dry and wet particles, they are a series of air powered ...
Ssce1460manual Controlled Blast Machine
tough! reliable! quality! manual controlled blast machine. simple operation, convenient maintenance and low cost. it
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