Boiler & Furnace Machinery

Aluminum Profile Hot Shears
aluminum profile hot shears this equipement combined the functions of aluminum bar sawing bench and heating furnace,which can complete relevant operations concurrently. it's energy saving and short working time.
Aluminum Profile Homogenize Furnace
homogenize furnace this equipment is mainly used to homogenizing procedures for aluminum bars .to eliminate the internal stress imposed on the aluminum bar, minimizing the deflection, improving the plasticity and reducing the extruding resistance.
Die Heating Furnace
die heating furnace this is equipment is mainly used to heat extrusion die for aluminum profile material and heating insulation. different extrusion press equip with different die heating furnace .and we also can design the heating furnace according to the customer's requirement.
Salt Spray Testing Equipment
salt spray testing equipment application: salt spray test chamber is specially designed for the testing of the corrosion erosion resistance of the products after their material surfaces have been treated with electric plating, anodizing, spray coating, anti-rusting oil and other anti-er...
Sat-75 Ventilator-aging Chamber
sat-75 ventilator-aging chamber features: 1.easy to operation and the box using cnc machining, elegant design, innovative and adopt counterproductive handle. 2.internal material is high imported sus304 mirror stainless steel or 304b tig, outside is a3 steel spray, it improves the text...
Heat-insulated Mortar Vitrification Furnace
the heat-insulated mortar vitrification microsphere expansion furnace was successfully invented in feb, 2003 by our president, a superior engineer, kong keqiang. in the same year it obtains the patent in practice and in creativity, and the first furnace was used to manufacture in industry in the wor...
High Temperature Bogie-hearth Electric Furnace
rt3 series high-temperature bogie-hearth furnace is a exclusive patents of our company, patent no.: 200520096582.4, and together with the most advanced high-temperature international bogie electric furnace technology, it has become the major product exported to the international market and joining i...
Tipping Crucible Rapid Aluminium Melting Furnace
tipping crucible rapid aluminium melting furnace(patent:200520096580.5). mainly used for rapid melting aluminum ingots, aluminum liquid insulation, cast aluminum, and be set into autumatic production line with the die casting machine. thanks to the gwt-resistant 1200℃ cr25ni20si2 (310s)crucible, f...
Raceway Type Quenching Furnace
it is the current internationally most avanted quenching furnace for aluminium alloy, mainly used for aluminum alloy casting, aluminum profile, aluminium alloy sheet, aluminum alloy network plate, piston etc fast automatic quenching heat treatment.using microcomputer program high precision to contro...
 Glidewheel Aluminium Alloy Solid Furnace Producti
glidewheel aluminium alloy solid furnace production line is the most advanced aluminium alloy automatic quenching furnace production line in the world. it is mainly used for fast and automatic solid solution heat treatment of car piston and precise aluminium alloy parts. it is also applied to large...
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